I work as a full-stack engineer in a tech corporate but also target entrepreneurship in media production, aiming to combine cutting-edge technology, media integration, together with distribution of classical Chinese culture and aesthetic popularization in today’s global context.

To reach the goal, my incubating startup studio naming ArtGo Inc. is currently expanding the scope. Welcome engineers and artists to join us who have passion for Four Books and Five Classics (四书五经), thoughts of ancient Chinese philosophers (诸子百家), Novels of Ming and Qing Dynasty (明清小说), Chinese history, and in one word, amazingly inspiring and profound Eastern wisdom

Reach the email at hello_ppjune@outlook.com or leave a message for 669-288-0522 if you are interested. We accept part-time and full-time internships and pay for efforts in whatever you have done practically. More info at www.artgoinc.com